Actual Music on the Actual Television

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Here's a hint, I'm not talking about MTV. In fact, according to a site I researched for directv satellite tv, there are tons of music channels for television watchers. However, is there any real benefit to this? Why would you use a visual medium like the TV to actually listen to music?

While it's true that listening to music might be the last thing you use the TV for, the fact remains that some services offer it. The way these usually work is that you get a bunch of channels, in some cases over 80, and each channel is for a different genre.

There are quite a few major genres available on these and, much like satellite radio, you can pick one and leave it going without worrying about commercials or ads. That's what is known today as real music television - basically what MTV tries to sell itself as.

As for the purpose or use, well, think about it? Sometimes it's nice to leave it blaring in the background while you do some spring cleaning. Have some cooking you need to do in the nearby kitchen? Pick a channel and let the music run while you whip up some food. It's just convenient.

Best Music to Listen to for Meditation

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Whether you are interested in getting into meditation as a way of reducing stress and relaxing your brain or are even just curious to try something new, the fact remains that you will need to make sure that you can put your entire heart and soul into your meditation. After all, this is something that deeply involves both the body and the mind. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help yourself stay focused when you are meditating. This will result in a better experience and an overall healthier body and mind as well.

One of the most important aspects of meditation is actually being able to find the right music to listen to while you are meditating. There is no designated genre that is considered to be the best choice for those who are attempting to meditate. However, for the most part, it is recommended that you stick with lighter, softer music that will cause the brain and body to relax. On the other hand, listening to loud and very vibrant music could end up causing your heart rate to rise, which is actually the opposite of what you want when you are trying to meditate.

Why Music Education Matters More Today

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Why Music Education Matters More Today

Music Is A Fundamental Aspect of Life
Music is a fundamental aspect of everyone's life. In fact, people are surrounded by music all day. This is true for when you get in your car, go to work, walk through a mall, go into a store and go home. People may not realize how influential music is on their daily lives, but it is a profoundly important aspect of every individual's reality. Therefore, music education can have a significant influence on someone's life. It could lead them into a rewarding career in music or upgrade their appreciation of music. The possibilities are rife with potential when it comes to music education.

Why Music Matters Today
The music industry is changing in a multitude of positive and negative ways. This will create a unique future for the landscape of music. Therefore, everyone should have a greater level of appreciation for music. Individuals who strive to become successful at music will need a certain level of experience and education. That is why music education should start early. That way, children will come to appreciate music more than allowing sound to become a background noise in their life.

Buying Music Gear Online for Less

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If you are a musician, you know just how expensive it can get when you have to purchase all of your own music gear and equipment. Although there are a lot of nice instruments and related equipment out there, you might not be able to afford to pay the high prices that you might see in music stores. This doesn't mean that you can't purchase the music gear that you need, however; instead, it means that you should look for ways to purchase music gear for less.

Luckily, the Internet makes it a lot easier to find the music gear that you need for a good price. There are a lot of music stores that operate solely online, and these stores are able to provide you with lower prices than stores that have to pay to lease buildings and to have employees working in order to assist customers. Therefore, looking for an online music store is a great way to start saving on all of your favorite music gear.

Another option is to look for used music gear and equipment online. If you shop around on auction websites and online classified listings, you might be surprised by the low prices that you can find.

Top Local Places To Purchase Professional Music Gear

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If you don't like buying musical equipment/software/tools online, then your only other option is to purchase them locally. To help you save time from browsing a multitude of musical stores, here are three local music shops that I found to have the best equipment.

1. Your ma and pa shop

Sometimes, these family-owned music shops are your best bet to find professional music gear. Of course, there are some downfalls. I have seen some shops that sell second-hand gear for full retail prices. However, I have also seen some shops sell magnificent equipment for dirt-cheap.

2. Guitar Center

Contrary to popular assumption, Guitar Center is not just a guitar store. Sure, they have a fine selection of guitars, but you can find just about any kind of musical item in a Guitar Center. I love going there to browse new microphones and drum kits.

3. Sam Ash

Depending on where you live, you may not have a Sam Ash. Their presence is dwindling, but I still think they have a great selection of professional music gear. If you are blessed to have one of these stores in your area, take advantage of it.The hits keep comin': Guitar Center does me a solid, and I didn't even initiate it.

How to Play Music like a Pro

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If you want to play music like a pro, you have to have the mind of a pro. For starters, professional musicians just flow with their music. They are so in tune with their instruments that they don't have to think about the notes they are playing. They just simply hear the music and play.

Second, you need to learn your instrument. Professional musicians practice constantly. Any time you have a moment free, you need to pick up your instrument and start playing. Think about what you are doing. Does it sound nice? Do you need to improve in a particular area? Once you get to a place where you feel confident playing in front of people, then you can really start to focus on playing music like a pro.

Lastly, you need to find your niche. Now, you don't need to stick to a particular style or genre of music, but you should definitely find your own playing style. The best thing you can do is watch your favorite musician. Observe their style and playing. Are they agressive? Or are they more mellowed out? Do they play really melodic and nice solos? Perhaps, they play really blues-orientated solos? Use that to help you find your own style.

Best Digital Music Stores Online Today

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There are plenty of online music stores, but only the best made my list today. I want to tell you guys what I think are the three greatest digital music stores. Hopefully, you will be able to use this list to make an informed decision on your next musical purchase.

1. Musician's Friend

By far, this has to be the greatest website as far as quantity goes. They may not have the rarest of gems, but if you are looking for that standard Fender Strat, Musician's Friend is sure to have it in stock and at a great price. I have used Musician's Friend to purchase a few guitars. Additionally, I receive their huge catalog magazine frequently, so I can stay on top of their new equipment.

2. ZZSounds

Great website when you need to purchase something right away. They have an intuitive website that is easy to navigate. Plenty of people use this site, so it is a great place to read up on reviews for equipment that you are thinking about purchasing.


This is where you go when you need an uncommon musical item. They have an awesome customer service staff, and their prices are great.

Best Rock Titles for Gen X

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With so many amazing artists and titles to choose from, it's tough to pick the best of Gen X music, but there are a few standouts--a few titles that everyone remembers, a few songs everyone still knows the words (and guitar licks) to. These are the ones that define a generation.

The early 80s brought an explosion of rebellion, with maybe no better representative than AD/DC, whose Back in Black album kicked off the decade.

In 1983 the Police released Synchronicity, an incredible collection that really showcased the poetry of Sting's lyrics and the deft skill of drummer Stewart Copeland. "Every Breath You Take" and "Wrapped Around Your Finger" are both from this title.

U2 has released title after title, and almost every one has to be part of a Gen X collection. Probably the most defining of the generation was their fifth album, The Joshua Tree, from 1987. It included greats like "Where the Streets Have no Name" and "With or Without You."

The 1990s brought us grunge, with dirty guitars, straight-ahead beats and big voices. Pearl Jam released their first album, "Ten" in 1991, reflecting the evolution of Gen X rebellion.

Great Music to Learn on Guitar

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If you are just starting out on guitar, you may feel a little overwhelmed. However, there are a lot of great songs that you can learn that will be easy to master. I have been teaching guitar for many years, and I like to always ask new students what kind of music they like. You are going to be more likely to learn if you are playing something that you enjoy.

One great band to start beginner guitar players on is Nirvana. Songs like "Come As You Are" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" fall into the "first songs I learned on guitar" category for many different people. This is because these songs are iconic and catchy, but they are easy to play and great for beginners.

Singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan, Melissa Etheridge, and Tom Petty also have a lot of great songs that are great for beginner guitar players. Many of Bob Dylan's songs, for example, like "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" and "Like A Rolling Stone" are simply three chords the entire song. And yet, these songs are classics so guitar players are going to enjoy playing them.

The great thing, though, about the internet is that no matter what kind of music you are into, you can look up guitar tabs. I have learned much of what I can do on guitar by simply looking up songs that I love and learning how to play them.